Friday, January 7, 2011

Craigslist SCORE! Pink Vintage Club Aluminum Cookware

I had to share my major score this week! I was on a call with a client last week (shout out to Mansoor!) showing him how to troll Craigslist for items to flip. I was looking through the Craigslist in my area and saw this ad (the original ad was removed right after I bought the item, but this is the cached ad on Google):

Now, you hardly EVER see the pink Club Cookware, so I already knew this was a pretty good find. I purchased the set for $40. And today, it sold for $177.39. Below is my listing.

Nothing like quadrupling your investment in 7 days! About $110 for 2 hours worth of work. This example shows you that Craigslist can definitely be a viable source for inventory. The trick is to check often, and act fast.

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