Thursday, December 9, 2010

Sorry, Your Item Didn't Sell - Always Try Again!

Don't you love those emails you get when an item doesn't sell? I got the one below this morning:

Always, always, always try again - immediately! Here's why. Your item may have watchers who forgot to bid. When your item is relisted, watchers get an email that says, "An item you were watching has been reslisted." They may come back - QUICKLY - to buy it. Look at the time on the email I received about the boots not selling - the time is 5:53:45 PST. The original listing was an auction. I immediately relisted the boots on a good til cancelled listing.

Guess what? At 7:41:09 PST (less than 2 hours later) I got this email:

The boots sold right away, and my guess, is to someone who received the automated email about the item being relisted. Look at the completed listing on eBay below - the good til canceled listing only had 3 page views.

So when you get those emails that say, "Sorry your item didn't sell," don't despair. Relist it right away and you may get a quick sale!

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