Monday, September 20, 2010

Vintage Ice Cream Freezers - White Mountain

Ice cream was most likely invented in the 1600s by Charles I of England’s chef. He created it by shaking flavored cream inside a container of ice. The king kept the method a secret because it was so popular. The secret finally began to spread in the 19th century and ice cream parlors became popular. Ice cream gained its true fame in the U.S., however. Even George Washington was a fan - he spent a huge amount of money ($200) and bought his own machine to turn cream into ice.

In 1846 the first true ice cream maker was invented by New Yorker Nancy Johnson. She created an ice cream maker that could be cranked by hand, but never patented her design.

White Mountain Freezer Company makes the most ice cream makers of any company worldwide. The company was founded in 1872 by Thomas Sands, who was both the manager and inventor. The company did well from the beginning and expanded quickly until their building was destroyed in a fire in 1881. After the fire the business relocated to Nashua, N.H. to be closer to the railroad.

In 1888 Mr. Sands sold the business and it was turned into a corporation. White Mountain Freezer Company invented almost all the equipment they use and they hold the patents as well. In 1930, another fire destroyed the company and they again moved - this time to Broad Street. Then, in 1963, Alaska Freezer Company from Massachusetts bought the company. They owned the company until 1974, when an investment group bought it and returned the name to White Mountain Freezer, Inc. The president of the investment group, William Potter, bought out the rest of the group and has owned and been president of White Mountain Freezer, Inc. since 1981.

These vintage ice cream freezers are great sellers on eBay. Here are a few completed listings:

White Mountain Jr. 1 Pint Ice Cream Freezer - sold for $255

Vintage White Mountain 8 Qt Freezer - sold for $172.50

Vintage White Moutain 4 Qt Ice Cream Maker - sold for $102.50

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