Thursday, September 9, 2010

Selling Autographed Items on eBay

Selling autographed items and items depicting the image of another person must comply with the guidelines set forth by eBay. If it doesn’t your listing is subject to removal. Stronger actions may be taken such as limiting your selling and buying privileges or suspension of your account. Such stringent guidelines are imposed in this area because these are items that are easily forged or copied.

Autographs, trading cards and other memorabilia that are unique can be quite valuable as long as they are authentic. These items are normally sold with COAs (Certificates of Authenticity), LOAs (Letters of Authenticity), and trading cards use a grading system. Make sure you investigate the background of the authenticator or grader since their documentation is only as valuable as their reputation.

Ebay works with many reputable third parties to allay the concerns of members regarding COAs, LOA’s and trading cards. These third parties work to verify that the selling guidelines are being met and to authenticate whether the items are genuine or not. Your listing may be removed it if is determined to be “likely not authentic”.

Another area that receives scrutiny by eBay is the selling of images such as a photo, drawing, or signature of another person. These items or products must be authorized by that person. Here are some examples of items subject to removal. A scanned copy of an original, signed picture of a sports player, a mouse pad with an unauthorized picture of a celebrity on it, a CD with copyright free downloaded pictures of a singer (in this case the seller has permission to download the pictures but not to sell them), or a t-shirt with the name of a celebrity on it. However, an allowable listing would be a t-shirt authorized by a celebrity that has their picture or name on it.

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