Thursday, August 26, 2010

Vintage Mickey Mouse Watches

Mickey Mouse is one of the most recognized characters in the world - right up there with Santa Claus and Ronald McDonald. If you are lucky enough to score a vintage Mickey Mouse watch at a thrift store, estate sale, or through other means, you are looking at an easy sale on eBay.

A little history behind Mickey Mouse watches: Mickey made his first appearance on wrist watches back in pre-depression days in 1933. The company Ingersoll-Waterbury first created the watch. Over 11,000 of the famous Mickey watch were sold for only $3 at the New York Macy's on the very first day of its release. The sales of the Mickey watch actually helped save Ingersoll-Waterbury from having to file bankruptcy. Ingersoll is known as the Timex company today. The original Mickey Mouse wristwatch looked like this:

Ingersoll quickly introduced a pocket watch featuring Mickey Mouse and this version sold for $1.50. Over the last 77 years, various styles and versions of Mickey watches have been on the market. You can find everything from Bulgari watches with diamond accents to cheap plastic dollar store versions. There is a Mickey Mouse watch for all socioeconomic groups.

An authentic Ingersoll 1933 Mickey Mouse watch can sell for up to $1,000 or more on eBay. Other styles, including pocket watches and Seiko vintage can sell in the $200 range. Check eBay's completed listings for vintage Mickey Mouse watches to see a wide range of styles.

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