Saturday, August 28, 2010

Get Ideas for eBay Niche Products from Teen Magazines

A challenge for eBay sellers is deciding what to sell or what the next hot item will be for a particular demographic group. This can take time to figure out and sometimes you might miss a selling opportunity but with a little research the information is literally, at your fingertips.

One particular group is our teenage population. They have money to spend from their parents, part time jobs and allowance. Without the financial responsibilities of most people such as health care payments, utilities, and a mortgage, they can use their funds buy “things”.

Are you an empty-nester with no teenagers around? The easiest way to find out what kids these days want is to pick up the magazines they are reading. Billions of dollars are spent by corporate America in selecting advertising for magazines. Put their money to use for your business.

Pick up an issue of CosmoGirl, Seventeen, or Teen People and see what is being advertised. If you find out what teens like for TV shows, movies, music and celebrities you will know where to focus your buying and selling energy. Also, don’t forget about their clothing, cosmetics and electronic needs. Many teens have these items in excess but still want more. You don’t even need to buy the magazines. You can look through them in the store, at the Drs. office or find them at your local library and check them out for a couple of weeks.

I have used this technique and it works. I got the idea for DuWop Lip Venom by flipping through a magazine at a grocery checkout. (Read the post about this product.) Niche product ideas are all around you. You just have to pay attention.

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