Monday, August 30, 2010

Amazon 90-Day Experiment Nets $80 Per Hour

(Originally written August 2010 - guide updated June 2013)

I have been a casual seller on Amazon for almost a year selling my own items including books, DVDs, CDs, and a few toys I found at clearance sales. My selling experience on Amazon was really only an informal venture to understand how Amazon works so that I could teach others the basics of Amazon selling.

As I worked with my coaching clients, they began sharing their Amazon success stories with me. I was inspired by their success and the money they were generating with the Amazon business. Out of curiosity, I decided to take the plunge and try selling on Amazon using their techniques and selling strategies. I gave myself three months (90 days) to fine-tune the process just to see what one person could do with an Amazon business only devoting a few hours a week.

This experiment is based on what one person can do with the proper equipment, information, and devoting about 5 hours a week to the business. My Amazon business model takes into account that some eBay sellers want to expand into other online selling arenas and leverage the power of Amazon without having to set up or maintain their own website. The profit from this business model can multiplied exponentially fairly easily by adding more time, more equipment, and more people (employees or compensated helpers) to the plan.

No business is an exact science. This business takes physical work, dedication, and consistency to build and maintain. That being said, this report contains the results of my experiment. I still sell books on Amazon today. Download your free copy here.

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