Saturday, June 5, 2010

An International Mailing Miracle!

I had to laugh when I got this package in the mail today. I mean look at it. Completely annihilated. I mailed it July 17 2009 - almost a year ago. Where has it been and what has it been doing all this time? But somehow, the international mailing Gods have returned it to me. I love this note by the post office:

It basically says that the post office apologizes for any inconvenience this has caused and they are continually striving to improve their mailing processes. It is actually very rare for mail to get lost, and those that do usually make it back to me, but not in this condition. Don't let this scare you if you are still considering international mailing of your eBay items.

Visit my post on international shipping for eBay sellers. You can get a free trial on, a free postage scale (keep it or sell it on eBay), and some other goodies.

Happy Selling!

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