Saturday, May 22, 2010

International Shipping Services for eBay Sellers

If you are shipping a number of packages First Class International (less than 4 lbs) each month, you may want to consider giving a try. Paypal shipping linked through your eBay Selling Manager is great for domestic postage and international Priority. But unfortunately, Paypal does not have an option for First Class International shipping services - the least expensive international option.

I am a big fan of offering international shipping and I even have a store on eBay UK. I have been using for all of my shipping needs since 2005. is one of the few online international shipping services that allows you to print First Class International postage from home. The customs form is included when the postage prints out and you just tape the label on the package the same way you would with Paypal postage. Fast and easy.

I ship about 5-10 packages a day FCI, schedule pickups though the USPS, and my mail carrier picks them up at my door. No more going to the post office and waiting in line. also allows you to print postage stamps, photo stamps, print postage on envelopes, and you get a discount on the regular USPS rates when you print at home. (Could the post office want us to stay away? LOL)The monthly fee is $15.99. That comes out to $4 a week - you would save that much on gas NOT going to the post office. The time savings is also substantial.

Right now is offering a special deal for new customers. You get:

$25 in postage
$5 in supplies
A free digital scale
A 4 week free trial

Click here to check out this special deal on Stop wasting time driving to and standing in line at the post office.

Happy Selling!

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