Friday, May 28, 2010

Natural Search Optimization on eBay - Keywords!

Every eBay seller wants to know how to beat the competition. Should I lower my price? Do I offer free shipping? Why are my competitors offering the same product getting sales and I am not? The answer: natural search optimization.

Also known as organic SEO, natural search optimization means using keywords that will help your audience find you. As the following video demonstrates, using the right keywords results in your listings being found by buyers. This is more than copying the title of the product off the box or naming it the way YOU think it should be named. You have to think like a buyer. Take a look:


1. Find a competitor successfully selling the same product you want to sell. Note the keywords they are using that you aren't. (Don't copy their title word for word, this is text theft and you can be reported.) Find somebody doing it right and put your own spin on it.

2. Always include the brand name, but also think "category." Many buyers don't even know the brand names, they are just searching for a certain type of product. As in the example, the unsuccessful seller did not use terms like "tanning bed, indoor tanning, sunless tanning." The successful seller included the generic terms to catch shoppers who may not even know the brand she is selling.

3. Fill in all the item specifics. This will help you place higher in Best Match.

4. Use Terapeak to help you choose keywords to help with natural search optimization. Remember that your items will show up on Google, not just eBay. Better keyword choices means more buyers finding your listings which means more sales. If you aren't using Terapeak, get it now. Try it for a month and see what you have been missing.

Happy Selling!

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