Thursday, May 27, 2010

Fisher Price My Talking Friend Little Bill

Rebecca sent in her success story:

"Hi Suzanne,

I love following your blog and seeing all the success stories - always gives me great ideas and motivation. Thought I'd share one of my own. While at a thrift store my daughter found a Talking Little Bill doll while digging through the bottom of the toys/dolls section (he still talked!). I would never have found it! The price was a little steep, $5.00, but having a preschooler who just got OUT of a huge Little Bill phase I KNEW this would sell. So I took him home, cleaned him up and listed him."

Here is Rebecca's listing:

Rebecca's cost: $5
eBay selling price: $45.99
Profit before fees: $40.99

Great! I hope that you shared your profit with your daughter. :)

Keep those success stories coming! You guys are amazing. The things you find to sell! If you are not already a member of my Facebook group, come join us as we discuss our finds every day and you can read back through over 1,500 threads to find out what other sellers have sold.

Happy Selling!

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