Saturday, November 7, 2009

Clearance Item to Sell on eBay - 100% Sell Through Rate

I found Nicorette Commit Lozenges on clearance at Publix this morning while I was doing my grocery shopping. I ALWAYS check the clearance section no matter where I am, you never know what gems are hiding in there. The box of Nicorette Commit lozenges, Cappuccino, 72 count, 2 mg, was marked down to $12. Regular retail price is about $40. You may remember a post a while back about Nicorette orange flavor gum that was discontinued and was a hot item for a while.

So here is the research. Whenever I find something like this, I check it out on Hammertap to see the sell through rate and average sale price. When I searched for the terms NICORETTE LOZENGE 72 CAPPUCCINO, I got these results:

Then, using Hammertap, you can go to this screen and see the actual listings:

Hammertap is a couple of days behind, because the data is extracted from eBay and sent over - it isn't like looking at completed listings that are up to the minute. So you always want to check completed listings, too. Here is listing for this exact item that ended yesterday, November 6:

See the listing here: COMMIT Lozenges--CAPPUCCINO FLAVOR--72ct--2mg Each

Now you may ask, "How did you know to buy it?" I kind of already knew that the stop smoking products are expensive, and this seemed like it had been marked down quite a bit. I went up to customer service and asked if they could tell me what the regular price was, and they looked it up - regular retail is $44. I asked if this flavor had been discontinued, and they said they didn't know. The expiration date is 5/10, the package is sealed, so I took a chance. I will let you know how it goes, and please let me know if you find any or learn if this product is discontinued. If it is discontinued, it will probably be selling for much more in the future.

Happy Selling!

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