Saturday, October 24, 2009

On the Hunt for Zhu Zhu Pets Hamsters - Hot Holiday Toy

You've probably heard about these by now. If not, click here to check out my article on The Examiner, but be sure to come back here to read the rest of the story.

So, here are the facts.

1) They are nearly impossible to find. I have personally been looking at WalMart, Target, and Toys R Us. Target doesn't even carry them. The other 2 stores just have empty spaces on the shelves where they should be. I have already heard stories of people waiting in line for Toys R Us to open every morning - and mobs of shoppers plowing each other over to get these. Be careful, it is dangerous out there.

2) According to Hammertap, the sell through rate is right at 77%. Very good. But, the confusing part is that sellers are offering these in all kinds of different lots - Zhu Zhu pets themselves, the houses, the accessories - in all sorts of combination. So it is hard to get a reading on what you can make on just one piece.

3) Every store who offers them online is out of stock. And if you can find them, there are purchase limits. i think they are all on eBay. I did a search for Zhu Zhu pets and found 7,650 listings. Click here to see for yourself.

4) The single Zhu Zhu pets hamsters that sell for $9.99 retail are selling for as high as $25 each on eBay.

5) My advice at this point: Get what you can get, and save your receipts, in case you need to return something that doesn't sell. This looks to be like the Tickle Me Elmo, Hannah Montana doll, or Guitar Hero craze. But you absolutely have to watch the prices on eBay. It may fizzle out at any time. This is a timing issue. It is up to you to watch the selling prices and decide when to list your item and for how much.

6) My personal note: Don't be a hot toy hog. Please don't make all of us eBay sellers look bad by grabbing every single Zhu Zhu pet thing on the shelf so your cart is overflowing. I just can't help thinking that it is not good Karma to do that. Buy a few, leave a few. Remember that there are people in your community who are going to buy these for their kids for Christmas, and they may not be able to afford paying 3 times the retail price because every single one is on eBay.

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Happy Selling!

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