Saturday, April 4, 2009

Thrift Store Item to Sell on eBay - Travelsmith Apparel

Travelsmith is a brand of clothing designed to travel well. From the Travelsmith website: "We set out to provide goods that made the going smoother and simpler, lighter and more convenient. We found wrinkle-resistant fabrics – both natural and high-performance - that look great after being stuffed in a suitcase for a week or worn on the redeye overnight. We created versatile, easy-care clothing that doesn't require dry cleaning when you're out in the Back of Beyond. We developed lightweight, innovative accessories that make travel more secure and comfortable. And we hired like-minded travelers with a passion for sharing their knowledge and experience."

This clothing line does well on eBay. The general rule of thumb is that larger sizes sell for the most. I've sold pants, tops, shirts, dresses, jackets, shorts, and skirts. Here are some recently completed listings for Travelsmith clothing. All are in gently used or pre-owned condition.

TRAVELSMITH Blue Black Travel Tweed Pants Jacket M L

XL Travel Smith Big Camp Shirt LS Basket weave

TravelSmith Travel Smith Lined Fitted Jacket Navy 16W

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