Wednesday, August 24, 2016

30 Day YouTube Challenge Starts September 1

It's back! I am already working behind the scenes stacking up videos for another 30 day challenge. The last challenge I did back in April 2016 is my most viewed playlist and nothing has been added since April 30 - 4 months ago!  So this tells me viewers like the challenge and it is time for another one. (If you missed the last one, check it out here!)

The 30 Day YouTube Challenge includes 30 educational videos in 30 days. These videos are packed with information you can use to grow your business and most importantly make more money!  I'm a different kind of YouTuber: no ride-alongs, haul videos, rambling speeches, or technical difficulties. These are high quality, professionally created videos packed with educational material. I know your time is valuable and you want reliable information without all the fluff, drama, and hype.

You will learn about:

BOLOs (things to be on the lookout for when buying for resale)

Cleaning tips

Consignment selling

eBay FAQs

Keyword lessons

Increasing sales

Men's clothing

Money Making Monday scores (real sales by real people just like you!)


Shipping tips


Successful seller interviews

Vintage items

What to sell

Women's clothing

All videos will be in a special playlist, so if you miss a day you can go back and catch up! I've got some great things planned and best of all, this 30-day intensive is absolutely FREE. So mark your calendar and get ready to absorb all this great information. If you have a request for a particular topic, just leave it in the comments below. I will do my best to create a video about it.

See you on YouTube!

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