Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Trust Yourselves eBay Sellers!

Hey eBay Sellers!

I wanted to share a recent eBay experience with you to help you build your confidence when doing research and pricing items. My advice is to do your research, understand the value of your item, and don't let buyers make you second guess your pricing. Here is an example. I received this offer immediately after listing this Misook twinset. 

The customer making $60 the offer said,

"This is a pretty color but the tag reflects these items have been washed quite a bit. I wear Misook a lot and mine look the same after frequently washed. I recently purchased a jacket from NM (Neiman Marcus) for $120. The price for preowned is high."

I have done my research and know that this item is priced correctly. Twinsets sell for over $300 retail. this is a vibrant ant popular color. The item is in great condition. I countered with $125 and the customer declined. No problem, I thought. The right buyer will come along.

And sure enough, 2 weeks later, the right buyer did come along. I sold the item for full price on July 1:

I bought this item for $2 at a thrift store, so my profit after fees and inventory cost was $128.19. Not bad! The teachable moment here is to have faith in your initial research, don't let buyers intimidate you into taking a much lower price, and trust that the right buyer will come along in time. Part of being a successful eBay seller is learning to wait for the right buyer.

Here are some resources to help you with learning women's clothing labels, so you can spot the high dollar items hiding in the sea of junk at thrift stores:

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