Saturday, September 12, 2015

Big Thank You to Sugar B Bakery!

I really love writing this blog. I love sharing information that will help people. Sometimes I will read an article or learn about a product and think, "People will want to know this." I keep notepads everywhere at home, in my car, and at my office so I can write ideas down before they fly out of my head. It is so rewarding knowing that the information here is reaching people and helping them learn something useful.

I also love corresponding with my readers. I get a kick out of hearing from you all on the comments, via email, or on Facebook. It is always great to get feedback (good or bad) on a blog post or topic.

I received some really excellent feedback a few weeks ago when Belinda of Sugar B Bakery in Drew, Mississippi sent me a box of her wonderful brownies. I have to give her a shout out here - these were the best brownies I have ever eaten. (And I've eaten a lot - my friend Marian from high school can attest to that...)

This is from Belinda's Facebook - my brownies disappeared before a photo could be taken.

Thank you so much Belinda for the lovely treat. Ya'll go check out Sugar B Bakery's Facebook page here -or find her on eBay here - she ships pretty much everywhere. Treat yourself to something really delicious, you deserve it!

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