Monday, April 20, 2015

Lilly Pulitzer Hits Target and eBay

Just as many eBay sellers suspected, Lilly for Target is already hot on eBay. The signature spring line launched yesterday, April 19, at Target stores across the country. Today, one day later, eBay already shows over 8,000 sold listings with the keywords "Lilly Pulitzer Target" total completed listings of 9,900 - which means almost 2,000 items ended unsold. eBay also shows 30,000 active listings with the same keywords.

Many of the items are selling on eBay for twice the Target price. In fact, #LillyforTarget on Twitter has become #LillyforeBay as disappointed Target shoppers lost out on purchasing merchandise for themselves. Many were angry that Target didn't enforce buying limits. Some Lilly enthusiasts commented, "Buy real Lilly before you pay inflated prices on eBay for Lilly for Target."

The Lilly Pulitzer line has 250 different items and Target does not plan to restock. Target will honor a 14 day return policy, so if you missed out on the opening day rush, you may see Lilly items in the stores over the next 2 weeks as customers take advantage of the return window. Only time will tell if eBay sellers who bought large quantities will return items to Target stores. The catch 22:

The return window is only 2 weeks. Sellers with a lot of Lilly inventory left may get nervous and return the items.

Sellers may hold out for a while and wait for the supply on eBay to decrease at which point they can make a nice profit.

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