Thursday, October 9, 2014

eBay Sellers Weigh in on 90 Day Holiday Return Policy

The Extended Holiday Return Policy timeframe is almost up on us. As announced in the eBay Spring Seller Update, the policy reads:

Extended holiday returns required for Top Rated Plus discount

"To qualify for the Top Rated Plus seal and 20% final value fee discount between November 1 and December 31, your listings must include the new extended holiday return option, with returns accepted through January 31. Bullion, Gift Cards, Tickets, and all Business & Industrial categories are exempted from this requirement.

Same fast shipping and 14-day returns: As before, same-day or one-day handling will be required for Top Rated Plus listings, and a 14-day or longer money-back return policy will continue to be required when holiday returns are not in effect."

This is a hot topic for discussion in eBay networking groups. In my Facebook Group, which now has over 17,000 members, this question and comments were posted today:

How many of you are planning to offer the extended holiday returns and why?

I am because I really have no returns and don't think this will be a problem. Also I want to keep my 20% discount.

I am. Already signed up and have it checked on all my listings. I already offer a 60 day no questions asked returns policy so it's not really a big issue for me. My 20% saves me a lot each month, which I like. Also, I rarely get any returns so it's not worrisome to me.

Yes, because I can keep TRS discount. I already have a solid return policy and hardly ever get any returns. No brainer for me. Keep in mind that if a customer is going to return something, they usually do it fairly quickly. I just don't see buyers scrounging through their house in February and March finding things to return to eBay sellers.

Just do the math and take the emotion out of it. I took my Christmas category of items that I sold last year and figured the TRS discount. It was 600 dollars, I know I won't get close to 600 in returns.

Boost my listings, increase my sales, full up my bank account? Absolutely! Wouldn't let a couple of returns spoil all the extra sales. I have a 60 day no question asked policy & don't get returns. Can anyone tell me where I can shop for the holidays that doesn't take returns?

I am. There needs to be a way to even the playing field a little- for buyers, comparing to amazon. Plus- there will not be an overwhelming amount of returns. 

 I am not. I don't get trs discount because post office doesn't scan regularly. 

Heck no! That's ridiculous! I'll eat the 20% than to deal with items bought now and returned the end of January! I hate accepting buyers remorse returns the way it is. There's going to be a whole lot more of that come January when people are broke.

Most sellers participating in the discussion are choosing to opt in. What is your opinion on the 90 day holiday return policy to keep TRS?

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