Monday, September 15, 2014

So, you want a guarantee?

After the special offer in last week's newsletter for the Amazon Grocery Course, I received several emails from readers asking if I offer a guarantee on my courses. You asked, I listened, and decided to give you the best guarantee in the ecommerce information product business:

Learn it, know it, master it. Guaranteed.

I am committed to your success. That is why every with course you take, I am here for you.

Have a question? Not sure how to apply the information to your business? Have a question the material doesn't cover?

I  am here for you via phone or email to make sure that you don't just learn or know the profit-making skills that I cover in my courses, but that you master them and in turn, your bank account shows the results.

My website has been updated to reflect this guarantee on all of my downloadable courses. So not only do you get the most detailed, real-world, current courses available about selling on eBay and Amazon, I guarantee that I will personally work with you if you still have questions after going through the course. 

So rather than walking away from a course frustrated or confused with nobody to answer your questions (like with many online courses), you can talk to or email a real person (me!) to help you understand and learn the material.

Find all of my courses here, and get ready, I've got some new ones coming soon.

Happy Selling!

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