Friday, June 13, 2014

The Funniest eBay Fail Ever

My friend and fellow seller Catherine who lives in Atlanta near me, posted this in my Facebook Group. The post had 283 comments - and other sellers rolling in the floor laughing!

"So I found this beautiful deep red crushed velvet scarf at Goodwill and wore it to church and got so many compliments on it. I felt so pretty. When I got home and was putting it away I noticed a hem on one side of the scarf..the long side. It was a hem to slide a curtain rod through. I wore a valance to church." Below Catherine is wearing the scarf / valance as she wore it to church.

This little faux pas brings to mind the Carol Burnett skit about Scarlet O'Hara in Gone With the Wind wearing the curtains to see Rhett Butler in jail to ask for money. Everyone in the group had a good time with this incident - and bless Catherine's little Southern heart, she was a good sport!

The valance now hangs in Catherine's Mom's home, and they both laugh every time they look at that window. And "Frankly my dear, they don't give a damn."

What's the craziest item you have ever found at a thrift store or yard sale that you actually kept for yourself? Post in the comments section below. eBay is a lot of work, but we still manage to have fun with it!

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