Monday, April 7, 2014

Speed Thrifting with the Fashionistas from Thrifting Atlanta


It was a normal Saturday. My daughter and I headed over to our favorite thrift outlet. We arrived at about 1:00 PM and there were about 20 people in the store. We were deep in thought choosing clothing to sell on eBay, when a charter bus pulled up outside and about 50 eager thrifters entered the store.

I've been thrifting for eBay and Amazon around Atlanta every week since 2003 and had never seen anything like this. What was it? A thrifting field trip? A road trip with out-of-towners? A mobile eBay convention? Of course, I had to ask.

As I was working through the sweater rack, I approached two very fashionable ladies dressed to the nines and asked, "Excuse me, did you just get off that bus out there?" They nodded yes. I said, "What's this all about? Are you from out of town on a road trip?"

They explained they were part of a group called Thrifting Atlanta. The full-day outing is organized well in advance  including discounts arranged with store managers. The group travels to the best thrift stores, consignment stores, and resale shops around Atlanta. Each stop is only 45 minutes, then it is back on the bus to the next stop. After the ladies explained the concept, I asked, "Sort of like speed-dating, but with thrift stores?" Exactly! The bus tour day costs around $35 per person.

The founder, Keren Charles, is a fashion blogger and thrifting expert, and organizes monthly thrifting bus tours around Atlanta. She has organized exclusive discounts at thrift stores around Atlanta for Thrifting Atlanta Members. The bus tour day includes a bag lunch and refreshments, and of course luxurious transportation - no driving in Atlanta traffic. Just sit back and enjoy the ride, rest your feet, and get ready for the next store.

Then my eBay brain kicked in - what a great way to thrift for eBay. An all-day event, comfortable transportation, a variety of different stores, and you are surrounded by a group of fashionistas who could really provide some great information on fashion trends and brands. I can see people traveling to Atlanta to take this tour - or even eBayers who live here joining the fun. If transportation is an issue, this is a great solution and a creative way to get inventory.

Visit the Thrifting Atlanta website for more information about bus tours, Thrift and Brunch, and how to become an official member. Or check out their Facebook page.I hope we run into them again sometime, what a great group of thrifting enthusiasts!

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