Monday, February 3, 2014

Need Help with Vintage Labels? Check The Vintage Fashion Guild

If you are new to selling vintage clothing, or hesitant to explore that niche because you feel like you don't know enough, The Vintage Fashion Guild is a helpful resource. From their website:

"The Vintage Fashion Guild™ (VFG) is an international organization dedicated to the promotion and preservation of vintage fashion. Founded in 2002 by a group of vintage sellers, it soon grew into a vintage-fashion knowledge base exceeding any other web-based resource. Our objective then became focused on collecting, organizing, and presenting that information. Those efforts resulted in the first incarnation of the VFG website."

This is a membership site which costs $35 a year to join (if approved), but offers plenty of free resources if you are just tipping your toe into the waters of vintage clothing, shoes, and accessories. Their label resource section is very helpful when trying to determine if a garment is vintage, and from what era. For example, some Burberry items may be vintage and the period which it was made can be determined based on what the garment label looks like. If a clothing item is at least 20 years old, you could list it on Etsy as well as eBay. (And Etsy buyers often pay more than eBay buyers for the exact same item.)

The Vintage Fashion Guild also offers a "Fabric Looks Like" resource page where you can determine the material a garment may be made from. Close-up photos of fabrics and descriptive words like "thick furry pile fabrics" or "fabrics with a soft brushed feel" help users to determine the names of particular fabrics of clothing.

This site is an excellent resource for vintage clothing, shoe, and accessories sellers. Visit The Vintage Fashion Guild here, and check out their Facebook page here.

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