Friday, February 21, 2014

5 Tips for Selling Pre-Owned Women's Clothing on eBay

To an untrained eye, the women's clothing section of a thrift store just looks like a sea of colors and fabrics. But if you have a short list of what to look for, you can become a clothing picker fairly quickly and learn how to choose items that can sell for high profits on eBay. Here are a few tips for sellers who want to expand into the women's clothing niche:

1. Start with one product type at a time, master that area, then add something new. For example, start with athletic apparel, learn all you can and experiment, then move on to coats or dresses.

2. Always, always, always, include measurements.Your buyers can't try on clothing before purchasing it. They will compare the measurements of the item to another garment that fits them well. It will pay off in the end to spend a few extra minutes on each listing providing the measurements. Also include fabric content and washing instructions. Buyers don't want to find out when they receive an item that it is dry clean only, if dry cleaning isn't in their budget.

3. Add a return policy - I suggest 30 days. A return policy helps create buyer trust. Would you buy clothing off the internet from a stranger without being able to return it if it didn't fit? Most people won't. Don't worry that your buyer may wear the item and return it. Include this statement in your listing, "Returns accepted for 30 days after shipment date. Item must be in original condition." Sure, you may get a few returns, but the reward far outweighs the risk. (Note: I've been selling clothing on eBay since 2003. I rarely get any returns - maybe 1%-2% a year. You can always relist and resell it again.) Don't obsess over what your buyer might do to you, think ahead about what you can offer the buyer that other sellers may not. Be the better seller!

4. Learn your vocabulary words. Having the right keywords in your title will bring more buyers to your listings. For example, some of the hot styles right now are gypsy, peasant, Boho, tunics, sarongs, maxi dresses, fit and flare, and DVF dresses. You have to learn the terminology your buyer is using so you can connect with them.

5. Don't be afraid to try lower-end mainstream brands - the money is NOT all just in designer brands. Wal-Mart brands, Target brands, Old Navy, Kohl's, and clothing from mall and outlet stores can do very well as long as you are purchasing them at a low enough price to achieve your desired profit.

I am happy to announce that my popular class, "The Profitable World of Selling Pre-Owned Women's Clothing" is now available as an instant download. Learn how to get started in the wonderful world of pre-owned women's clothing without being confused or overwhelmed. You receive:

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Happy thrifting and I hope you find lots of goodies!
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