Friday, December 20, 2013

What's the Best Camera to Use for eBay?

This question is asked frequently in different eBay groups and forums, so earlier this year I took a survey on my Facebook Group of online sellers to find the answer. Looks like most sellers use the camera on their mobile phone, which is understandable since that is a free option and the photos can be good enough for eBay.

Many sellers start off on eBay as an experiment to see how the platform works and don't really want to invest a lot of money up front buying supplies and equipment. In fact, many sellers are now listing directly from their mobile phone or tablet so that's why they are using the camera built into the device they are listing from.

This discussion had quite a few comments about different cameras and pros and cons of each. Read the full discussion here. 

A few photo tips:

1. Make sure you zoom in as close to the item as possible, all the way to the edges. This is especially important for mobile customers who are looking at them on a small screen.

2. Use a solid background.

3. Make sure nothing distracting is in the background, like a child, dog, pile of laundry, etc. Details matter! (Avoid reflectoporn! Google that word if you aren't familiar...)

4. Consult the eBay Photo Guide here - it is free and full of tips to help improve photos, which will improve sales.

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