Monday, December 2, 2013

Free Help for Your eBay Business

eBay Seller Outreach is a free service offered by eBay, available to any seller who wants to use it. eBay really does want its sellers to succeed, and a free short phone call can provide sellers with helpful information about their stores or listings. Many sellers are confused about how DSRs can affect their selling ability, how they can increase sales and traffic, and how to reach Top Rated Seller status so they can place higher in searches and receive a monthly discount on fees. An Outreach Specialist will help you understand eBay Best Practices and how you can refine your strategy to take your business to the next level. They will help you understand what is working with your business, and what isn't.

A 15-minute call with eBay Seller Outreach can shed valuable light on new ways to improve your eBay business, and best of all, it is totally free. Everyone has 15 minutes they can invest in improving their business, right?  Schedule your session here, and take advantage of this valuable free service.

Classes this Week

We have a light schedule for classes during the month of December. Join me on Tuesday evening, December 3, for the Pre-Owned Women's Clothing Class at 11 AM Eastern. Learn what you might be leaving behind in thrift stores that sells well on eBay. The class is 1 hour long. If you can't attend but would like the course material, you will also receive a recording of the class in addition to all of the other materials. Just sign up at the link above, and everything will be delivered to you via email after the class is over.

I am working on Level 2 of this class which will showcase more specific pre-owned clothing items that are good sellers on eBay. Level 2 is coming soon!

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