Monday, December 16, 2013

eBay Seller Success Story - Tiffany Nabors

I met Tiffany Nabors, also known as Reseller Girl on Facebook, a few months ago. (Well, we haven't actually met, but are virtual friends.) She is truly a success story and chose to do eBay because of the freedom it allows her to be available for her special needs son. Here is Tiffany's story.

She started her business with $20.  She didn't have all of the bells and whistles ( nice camera, lights, backdrop, etc.) but with the strong desire to make it work so she could make money at home while fulfilling the demands of being a mom. She had a solid white sheet and laid items out flat on the floor to take photos. After a few sales, she reinvested the earnings into inventory and basic supplies instead of spending a lot of money up front.  Tiffany makes it clear to other sellers, "eBay isn't a get rich quick business, but it can be very lucrative if you spend the time learning what to look for." Here is Tiffany's work room and photo area.

She started back in 2003 when the responsibility involved with caring for her special needs son no longer worked with her "regular" job. She sells mostly women's clothing and shoes. She is a one-woman show at this time. Like other sellers, Tiffany tried hiring other helpers in the past but it hasn't worked out yet. She says, "It is hard to find other people who will love your business as much as you do."

She finds her items at thrift stores, consignment stores, and Goodwill. She currently has 1370 items listed. Last year she had 1700. She moved to a new area recently and took some time off for the move and to get settled.  Tiffany says, "That is the beauty of eBay, I can still take time off while providing an income for my family!" Her monthly profit has been as high as $3,500 a month. She admits sales are down right now and she is still learning Cassini and working on reformatting her listings. Here is her storage area:

Tiffany's best tip you for other sellers who are struggling:  "Research!  Things change constantly.  When I first started one of the items I always looked for was BCBG, it sold quickly and for a big profit.  It still sells, but not as quickly or for as much."

Visit Tiffany's eBay store at Round Robin Boutique.

Do you have an interesting eBay story to share? Do you sell something unusual, or maybe run your eBay business in a unique way or from an unusual location? I'd love to feature your story here. Just contact me using the box on the sidebar and let's talk. The more we share with each other the more successful we can all be.

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