Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Newsletter Correction - Selling Dust Bags on eBay

Last week in my newsletter, in the "Hidden Treasures" section, I mentioned selling dust bags from designer handbags on eBay. According to completed listings, hundreds of these had sold in the past 30 days and just as many were listed for sale. At one time, dust bags were allowed to be sold on their own on eBay without the original product. I did not do my homework and several readers informed me that this policy has changed. The dust bag can only be sold if it is with the original item it came with.

According to the eBay Prohibited Accessories Policy on eBay:

Some brand name products come with accessories, a warranty, or protective packaging as part of the purchase. For example, a watch may be packaged in a custom box and may come with the manufacturer's warranty. Not allowed:

Accessories or packaging without the accompanying product. Examples include:

Dust bags

Plastic tags (including a tag with a serial number


Tissue paper

Box for a branded watch without the accompanying watch

Empty jewelry pouch, tin, or other container that may be used to hold and sell a similar or identical produc

Warranty or certificate (blank, valid, or expired) without the accompanying product

So under this policy, items like iPhone boxes, Tiffany jewelry boxes, Gucci watch boxes, etc.are not allowed to be sold without the original product.

This is another case of, "Just because it is on eBay doesn't mean it is allowed." I apologize for the error and providing incorrect information. One thing about eBay, it is always changing!

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