Monday, September 16, 2013

eBay Seller Creates Health and Wealth Working at Home

Deborah, a member of my Facebook group, came up with this brilliant idea to "rake in some dough while losing some dough." As you can see, she has created a workstation on top of her treadmill. She can do research on the web, list items, or answer emails while getting her daily workout. Deborah said she made the desk out of 2 yoga blocks, zip ties, and an old shelf.

Deborah, who runs the eBay store Pinching Pesos, says about her set up, "I only go 1.8-2 mph. Your wrists are stable on the board. You would be surprised by how simple it is and how natural it becomes to type. You have the same stability as if you had your hands on the bars." The day she posted this pic on the group, she got in 10 new listings and 4 miles and enjoyed working on her "health and wealth" at the same time.

What an ingenious set up, Deborah! And what a clever way to multi-task, doing two productive things at once!

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