Thursday, May 16, 2013

New Podcast - Selling Coffee Related Items on eBay

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Another episode of "You sold WHAT on eBay?" is live. This episode focuses on used coffee related items (other than the obvious mugs) that you can find used and cheap, then resell on eBay for profit. Did you know you can flip parts from used or broken coffee makers for a pretty nice profit? Some of these parts sell for up to $30. You might be able to buy a broken coffee maker at a garage sale and sell the parts and accessories for 3-4 times your investment.

Learn about other coffee related garage sale, estate sale, and thrift store finds that can be good sellers including thermal carafes, grinders, sugar and creamer sets, storage containers, and vintage items. Let's face it - eBay is already over-saturated enough with the obvious. Learn to find profitable items, hiding in plain sight, that other resellers might be passing by because they don't "look" valuable. Opportunities are everywhere - it just takes some education to learn what they are!

Listen to the podcast here.

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