Friday, May 10, 2013

New FREE eBay Calculator Reflects 2013 Fee Chages

Ina Steiner over on eCommerce Bytes shared a new eBay Fee Calculator which reflects the Spring 2013 fee changes. Bookmark this on your computer and mobile phone for accurate calculations when estimating fees on an item for resale. (Calculator for purposes of estimating, actual fees may be slightly different.)

(provided by eCommerce Bytes)

More useful FREE eBay business tools:

Yard Sale Treasure Map - scope out yard sales before making your trip to use your time most effectively.

Garage Sale Rover - free app for mobile phones - uses GPS to find garage sales, estate sales, and yard sales near your location. No matter where you are, this app shows you sales nearby. You can even sort by day.

FotoFuze - enhance photos and create solid backgrounds for professional looking photos.

Typohound - find misspelled eBay listings. Search for items with no bids, or very low BIN prices - due to misspellings they aren't coming up in search results. Tou can flip on eBay or Amazon. 

Gixen - free auction sniper to help you win auctions on eBay. Use to buy personal items, or merchandise to flip back on eBay or on Amazon.

Know of any other free cool eBay tools? Share them in the comment section below.

Happy Selling!

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