Monday, January 14, 2013

SBA Revamps Website to Help Entreprenuers

Recently the Small Business Administration or SBA has upgraded the way they do business online, with the introduction of their user friendly browsing tools specifically designed for emerging business owners. These tools will allow them to add to their customer base while expanding on their recruitment of new employees. The SBA Learning Center has simplified it's search catalog, so that anyone can use it therefore spending less time going through loads of pages to find specific instructive videos or classes that they are searching for. The SBA has become 'a one stop shop' for emerging business owners to do everything from creating their business plan to quickly finding out the exact information they need to market their business.

Business owners can enjoy SBA's affiliate partner resources which include access to e learning material for their businesses from other third party colleges and organizations. The great thing about these SBA affiliated programs is that business owners will have access to both the tools as well as friendly counselors who are their to assist with any questions that may arise. It's a win win situation for all! Being that the internet is so cost effective for start up business marketing and attracting a loyal following globally, both the SBA and their affiliate partners are committed to training business owners on the most current social media applications that are being used for business.

The site now offers:

  • Online Classes
  • Tips for Disaster Planning and Recovery
  • Step-by-step Help For Creating a Business Plan
  • Marketing Planning Tips
  • Connection to Local Counselors
  • Event Calendar for Local Events
  • If you have questions about structuring your business or what licenses and permits you need, this is a good place to start.

    Visit, for help.

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