Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Personal Reasons Prompt Selling on eBay

Many online sellers have ventured into eBay to make money while staying at home, to sell surplus items they have found around the house, or as a replacement for a full-time job. There are a couple of guys out there who are using eBay for a more personal reason.

First is Bill Shephard. Bill is an out of work Iraqi vet who lives in Woodbury, NJ. He recently left the Army and was finding it difficult find work as a civilian. He was at a major fork in the road. Upon leaving the Army, he returned to school. He applied for numerous jobs. He asked for help from various veteran organizations but still was not able to find work. Bill made a difficult decision. In order to support his family and to start a new business, Bill decided to sell his Army Achievement medal on eBay. With a starting bid of $1.00, the auction closed three days (and 62 bids) later with a winning bid of $5,200.

While many are not happy with his decision to sell the medal, the proceeds have allowed Bill to take care of the immediate needs of his family and to purchase equipment to start a landscaping business.

Then there is Andy Martin of Stockton, Teesides, UK. Andy was recently notified that his position as traffic planner for a waste management company would no longer exist after June 30. After sending is many copies of his resume to various companies with no leads, Andy finally decided to list himself on eBay. His buy it now price was £20,000 (which currently is about $31,000 US dollars.) eBay has contacted Andy to let him know there is a policy against selling one’s self on its site but has let him move the listings to a “goods wanted” section. Meanwhile, Andy continues his job search and is hopeful his will find something before the end of his current position.

There are many others who have found themselves in similar positions that have led to becoming successful online sellers. It can be done. Find out how by visiting the related links below.

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