Monday, June 4, 2012

Let Your TV Help Support Your Scouting Trips

Some people may consider watching TV a waste of time. There is a new app that can help you earn gift cards and prizes to help your eBay or Amazon business.

There is a new iPhone and iPad app that will give points when you watch tv shows at home. It is called Viggle. The app “listens” (at your request) to see what television show you are watching. Once it determines what show it is, it “checks you in”. Once the show is over, you will get points added to your account. You can also earn additional points by watching commercials on the app or by watching featured shows. Some shows, Saturday Night Live or recently aired MTV Movie Awards, even allow you to earn extra points by answering questions or polls during certain shows while you are checked-in as watching them. Your local newscast will also earn you points.

Once you have gathered points, you can redeem them for gift cards or prizes. Some items that are currently available are Amazon Kindles and iPods. Burger King, CVS, and Fandango are some of the e-gift cards that are available now. The e-gift cards can be used to buy inventory or to pick up lunch during scouting trips. (Remember: e-gift cards cannot be resold on eBay.)

To download this free app, please click here.

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