Monday, April 9, 2012

My Right Hand Auction

We all use eBay to sell items for different reasons. We sell things we no longer need. We use it to sell great finds from the stores we shop. One eBay seller is using it to get rid of a bit of bad luck!

The seller seems to be ready for better times that apparently include getting rid of her hand!

I am selling my hand as it brings nothing but bad luck to my life.

It has been trapped in a door, bitten by a dog, burned by a flexilead and broken in a fall. I also sawed through the thumb a few years ago and the scar causes pain occasionally.

Please note: my watch is not included.

A screenshot of the listing is below:

The seller, located in Wantage, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom, offered local pickup for her item. Things may be looking up for the seller since she had two bidders and was able to sell her unlucky right hand for about $1.57 US. Do you think the bidding would have gone higher if she had included the watch? On to better days!

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