Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Ugly Christmas Sweaters Move Over!

There is a new ugly clothing item in town! Auction Humor has found a new ugly clothing niche.

eBay Seller “earthfinds” has listed a very colorful Kolorway Painted Blazer. Auction Humor has designated the jacket as the “World’s Ugliest Blazer!” According to the listing, the blazer “features a baby grand piano, with open music, wine, as well as a white kitty sitting in a windowsill. Through the window you can see the man in the moon. The back is a reflection of the front.” To top it off, the seller describes not only the jacket as fierce but considers the buttons to fall into that category as well!

Below is a screenshot of the actual listing:

Unfortunately, no one felt worthy of this unusual find. “Earthfinds” even listed it a second time but no buyers stepped forward. It’s not too late to email “Earthfinds” if you are interested!

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