Monday, January 31, 2011

Did You Receive this FAKE Suspension Email from eBay?

I received this email from eBay today. (It only APPEARS to be from eBay.) It is a phishing scam to get my personal login and other information. Here is how you can tell that these emails are fake.

First of all, this email came to an address that is not even in the eBay system. I use a hotmail account for that. Second, look at the "from" address - it is obviously not from eBay.

Next, if you mouse over the link they provided, (don't EVER click these!!) and look at the bottom of the screen in the left corner, the url is a bunch of nonsense. It doesn't go to eBay.

When you get one of these, or suspect it is fake or a spoof, report it to eBay immediately. Click here for a tutorial on how to identify and handle these spoof emails. Trust your instincts and never, ever click the links in these emails.

If you want to check out your eBay account to see if there is really a problem, open another window in your browser and log into eBay the regular way. If you have been suspended, you will see a message there.

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