Saturday, December 18, 2010

Cool Paypal Hack for Printing Postage

Shipping, shipping, shipping. I've been doing a lot of shipping this week! Not just for online sales, but personal items, too. Here is a cool trick for using Paypal to ship a package that was NOT sold on eBay. The "print postage" feature on Paypal appears to only work if you can pull up a transaction on eBay. Here is a way around that.

1. Enter this link into a new window on your your browser:

2. You will have to login to Paypal.

3. You will get this screen where you can choose UPS or USPS:

4. Then you will get this screen where you enter the recipient's info and the package info:

5. Postage amount is deducted from your Paypal account, and just print the label as normal.

Very handy this time of year! For more cool tricks, download my FREE eBay Coach Reference guide.

Download my FREE guide with all kinds of eBay how-tos
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