Wednesday, July 21, 2010

eBay Bulk Editing to Improve in September

Did you receive the email last week regarding eBay's Fall Seller Update? One of the features is improved bulk editing. The lack of this feature has been one of the most aggravating parts of eBay - when a rule or policy changes, sellers must change all of their listings to be in compliance. If you have hundreds or thousands of listings, this task can take weeks. It is about to get easier!

The update states the following:

Edit more fields - which includes shipping.
Bulk edit many more fields on your listing - item description, listing categories, shipping details and options, payment options, product details and specifics.

Use "find and replace" to make bulk changes to listing descriptions. If you make a global change to your policies and want to change several listings, you will be able to do this in bulk.

Revise more listings. Send fixed price listings to auction in bulk using Selling Manager Pro. The new functionality will allow revision of 500 listings at once.

Click here to read about the changes to bulk editing and learn how to use this great new feature!

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