Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Walgreen's and Tuesday Morning Clearance Item

I saw these Remington men's electric rechargeable razors at both Tuesday Morning and Walgreens marked down to $12.99. The original price on the box is $39.99. I thought this would be a good item to resell. The keywords "Remington razor" have a sell through rate of 54% on Terapeak:

The average selling price is $13.65. is something interesting. Here is a successful listing that sold for $39.50. Good profit on an item costing me about a third of the selling price.

Below is one that didn't sell. Look at the keywords and how they are crammed together with no spaces and a slash. If someone searched for "Remington cordless razor" this listing will not be found. There must be spaces between your keywords or the search engine can't see them. Also, putting the word NEW as the first word of the title will help you place higher in best match.

This is an example of how research tools are not an exact science. The research pulls from the title of the item, which the seller selects. In other words, if the seller hasn't optimized the keywords, the item may not sell, which affects the sell through rate and the average selling price. The seller may have a very "sell-able" item, they are just presenting it badly. (Granted these listings are slightly different as the first one includes some refills, but you get the point.)

Solution: find a successful listing and make yours like that one. Glancing at the average price and sell-through rate is not going to give you all the information you need. Look deeper. Look at the listings.

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