Thursday, May 6, 2010

Timing is Everything on eBay

Carla send in this success story back in March:

"I've been watching your blog since October and do love and check at least 3 times a week. The week that Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland came out was the same week Syfy Miniseries Alice was out on DVD. Tuesday Morning had a sale on Paul Cardew Tea Set Items. I bought 2 teapots. The 48oz for $19.99 and the 18oz for $14.99. I gave the option to do a buy it now." Here are Carla's listings:

The large 48 oz teapot:

The smaller 32 oz teapot:

"The 48oz went for $50 in less the 4 hours. The 18oz went a week later for 32.99 which was 2.99 over the buy now price. I had my blinders on when I got them. Knew what I wanted. To bad though because the lady that got the 48oz wanted to know if I had the mugs. I told her no, but there were other people that had them. She just wanted to get them from me. But after my little teapot sold I noticed that not many sales were happening. Learned something about Tuesday morning. You got to be there at least a half hour before it opens to get what you want. There was only one 48 oz teapot and 2 of the 18oz. I went there later that week for something else and did get there right when it opened. But what I wanted was already picked over because they only had 2 of them."

Carla's investment: $34.98
Carla's profit before fees: $48.01

Great job, Carla! You have a good eye and great timing.

For more information about using Tuesday Morning as a source of inventory, click here.And be sure to check out my Facebook group where we share stories like this all the time!

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