Monday, May 17, 2010

Create Your Own Blog to Attract New eBay Customers

eBay sellers are constantly on the hunt for new customers. That is the nature of selling. You can communicate with your target audience by starting your own blog that parallels what you sell on eBay. For example, I have a client who sells trade show exhibits - the materials for the displays used at trade shows. This client wants to communicate with existing buyers and attract new ones by starting a blog that focuses on trade show exhibits. His blog will discuss all sorts of trade show related topics like:

Display hardware and graphics
Portable displays
Custom designed displays
Trade show flooring
Hiring set up and dismantle labor
Trade show schedules

His blog will attract readers that he can send to his eBay store and website. He will make some residual money using Google Adsense and affiliate programs. He is very knowledgeable trade show exhibits and knows this niche inside and out. By creating a blog in conjunction with his eBay store, he can stay in touch with his customers from eBay, and his blog can be found by new customers when they Google phrases like trade show exhibits, trade show displays, and trade show booths.

When selling online, your goal should be to create and maintain several streams of income. In other words, don't put all of your eggs in one basket. The magic (and the money) comes when all your streams of income are weaved together into a virtual tapestry - and they take on a life of their own. Multiple streams of income will feed off each other.

Taking your eBay business to the next level involves starting a niche blog. This is how people interested in your product line can find you - they may not go to eBay first. I highly recommend this course and am taking it myself - I am in month 5 and the information just keeps coming. I like this blogging course because the format allows users to move at their own individual pace. The concepts of online marketing, keyword optimization, identifying niches, finding your target audience, etc. can be applied to more than just blogging.

There is a free 3-day trial, so if nothing else, take the trial and see what the course has to offer.

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