Wednesday, April 7, 2010

eBay Top Rated Seller - What is it REALLY?

You have seen the Top Rated Seller logo on eBay profiles, but what exactly does it mean? Is this something to strive for?

The Top Rated Seller status is a label granted by eBay that identifies you (according to eBay's criteria) as a seller with proven quality and service. To qualify as a Top Rated Seller, you must:

1) Have at least 100 transactions
2) Have at least $3,000 in sales with US buyers over the past year
3) Have very few instances of low DSRs from US buyers
4) Follow the Best Practices policy

So, Top Rated Seller doesn't necessarily mean that you sell huge volume, it means that you do the job "right" according to eBay's criteria. If you qualify, you are granted these privileges:

1) 20% discount on final value fees
2) Higher placement in search results (Best Match)
3) More visibility for fixed price listings
4) Top rated seller badge on your listings

So, if anything, look at the Top Rated Seller status as a way to help you save money on your fees. Click here to read all of the details of the Top Rated Seller program.

Happy Selling!

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