Wednesday, March 31, 2010

G-Star Marc Newson Shirt - eBay Seller Success Story

Helen sent in her story:

"Hi Suzanne, I love your blog, it really gives me a nice reliable list of items to look for in thrift stores and resell on eBay. I'm currently averaging about $250-300 a month which has been helpful since my work hours and pay were reduced.

I especially like reading your readers' success stories and thought I would submit my own category: fashion wear designed for men ages 20-30. If, like me, you are not familiar with popular mens fashion labels, it helps to have a male friend who is (my boyfriend is a wonderful resource in this!) I have found that shopping for mens clothing in thrift stores is not as competitive as womens and discovered some surprisingly profitable deals."

Here is Helen's listing:

Helen's price - $2.75
eBay sale price - $61
Profit before fees - $58.25

Excellent job! And Helen, I commend you on your listing, you did everything right! 30 day return policy, shipping with a flat rate envelope for only $4.95, great photos and description. Outstanding job!

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Happy Selling!

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