Sunday, March 7, 2010

eBay Traffic Generating Tip - Write Guides and Reviews

Did you know you can use eBay Guides and Reviews to drive traffic to your store? Here is how.

An eBay Guide explains how to do something - like buy a baby stroller or identify counterfeit handbags. An eBay Review is a product review - where you discuss the pros and cons of a product, how well it worked for you, where to buy it, etc.

eBay Guides and Reviews often are returned in Google search results. And we know that eBay and Google are good friends. If you sell in a particular niche, this traffic generating strategy works very well.Let's say you sell GPS vehicle tracking systems. You can write guides about how to choose a GPS vehicle tracking system, cool accessories for GPS systems, or the differences between different brands. you can write a review for GPS vehicle tracking systems that you sell in your store. trive to create many different guides on different topics so that your articles will be found by people using different search criteria.

You want to write informative, helpful, professional guides and reviews about topics where you have some expertise or experience. You want the readers to see you as an expert, respect your information, then click on your link to visit your store. Buyers can also click the link to your eBay Guides and Reviews page from your feedback page. If you write some educational, professional guides and reviews, your customers may read them and that will increase their comfort level with you as a seller.

Your guides and reviews can showcase your knowledge and expertise. Writing guides and reviews on eBay also works for SEO (search engine optimization) as you are spreading your business name around the internet in more places. The more reviews you write, the more pages your store name will appear on. Be sure to use some keywords that match your eBay item titles in your article titles, as shown in the examples above. Articles only need to be around 300 words. Numerous short articles are better for SEO than a few long ones.

You can also use your guides and reviews as the basis for article marketing so be sure to save them on your computer for future access. You can make minor changes and post the articles in several places for SEO.

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