Sunday, December 27, 2009

Importance of Correct eBay Titles

Deborah sent in this tip,

"I was doing a search for my favorite perfume. I found this one ending soonest. There was no bids with 1 day left. I left a high bid with my sniping program.
The title had several errors and did not come up in a search for this brand. I
was thrilled to get it at half of eBay's going price and a third of retail. A very good example of the importance of correct titles." Here is the listing:

Fatal errors:

1) Brand name not spelled out. The brand name is Thierry Mugler.

2) 3.4ozANGEL is squeezed together without spaces. You always want to put spaces between the words so the search engine can see them.

3) Shipping fee is high. Could easily be put into a flat rate mailer (wrapped in bubble wrap) and shipped for $4.95.

4) According to Hammertap, this product has a 67% sell through rate and sells for as much as $95 on eBay. Click here to see completed listings. Had this seller done a few small things differently and more thoroughly, she could have doubled her sale price. These situations are unfortunate for the seller, but good for sharp-eyed buyers.!

Thanks for sending that in, Deborah. This week I will be posting more seller success stories and eBay flips, so send yours in! After the new year, it will be eBay business as usual.

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