Monday, December 7, 2009

Finding Niche Products to Sell on eBay

Here is a cool technique for finding niche products to sell on eBay or Amazon. Sell accessories or complimentary products that correspond with expensive popular products that are selling like crazy. For example, go to,, Amazon, and the eBay main page and look at the products they promote on their front page. For example, let's say you go to and see they are promoting a Garmin GPS tracking system. That tells you that GPS systems are hot. So you piggyback off of this product and look for accessories to sell - mounting systems, cases, chargers, cables, map updates. There will be a market for these products, too.

Then go into your research tool (Terapeak, Hammertap, completed listings, whatever one you use) and research what the accessories sell for. Next, you would go online and try to find a supplier for the product, and determine if you can buy the item at a low enough price to resell it for profit. A supplier could be a wholesaler, a closeout center, outlet store, membership club like Sam's or Costco, etc. This is the hard part - finding the product at a low enough price to resell for a profit.

Keep in mind that niche products will change over time, sometimes only a few months. For example, a few years ago, a VHS tape rewinder or cleaner might have been a hot niche product. But now, it would not be. Same holds true for analog cell phone accessories - nobody needs those now.

Try using this technique and see what you can uncover!

Happy Selling,

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