Wednesday, December 16, 2009

eBay Seller Success Story - Texas Instruments Speak and Spell

Keisha sent in this success story:

I just wanted to share an eBay success story. I decided to start selling on eBay about one month ago, and so far it has been a really fun and rewarding experience. I have been able to make a profit from things just sitting around my house. I happened to listen to the podcast on antiques and I realized I had one of the items you mentioned right in my garage. Turns out this Texas Instruments Speak and Spell that we couldn't even sell at a garage sale for $5 about 2 months ago sold on ebay for $76!!!

Here is Keisha's listing:

Texas Instruments Vintage Speak & Spell

Keisha's cost: $0 (she already had it)
Selling price: $76

Wow, that's an outstanding sale! If you have a seller success story or eBay flip you would like to share, send it in to me at

Check out my huge list of thrift store items to sell on eBay with lots of items just like this.

Happy Selling!

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