Saturday, October 17, 2009

eBay Seller Success Story - Trixie Belden Books

I received this email from Cheryl:

"I came across an almost complete set of Trixie Belden paperback books for $5.00. I almost didn't buy them because I've gotten burned on Nancy Drew books. But wow!...these are selling.

I almost passed on them. I'm sure glad I went ahead and bought them! Based on the number of sell through, the high selling prices on many singles and on lots, the number of bids per sold item, etc, this is a series to watch out for!

The originals that I had as a child were the Whitman laminated cardboard cover. Even though they are the originals, they don't seem to sell as well as the newer paperbacks. It may have to do with the condition. The plastic tended to come off the covers, and they weren't bound well. At least the 8 or so Trixie Belden that I still have are in rough shape after almost 50 years!

The last 5 titles, #35-#39 will sell high, with #38 "The Indian Burial Ground" appearing to sell for the most. Completed Listings has two that sold for $41& $49. Mine is up to $35 with 1 1/2 days left! As of right now, the sales total over $112. The hits and watchers on those 5 are really high.

Based on how the books seemed to sell, I grouped #1, #2-20 together in a lot. The rest, #21-#39, (missing #24), I listed individually, all starting at $9.99. Based on completed auctions' results, I don't expect all of them to sell. $9.99 is higher than most of those are selling for. But after Wednesday, I'll just move the ones that are left into my store at either $9.99 or $14.99, with a "Best Offer" option. I expect to sell the rest that way."

Wow, Cheryl, thanks so much for that information! My sister and I used to read both Nancy Drew and Trixie Belden books. I have no idea what happened to them! Cheryl didn't send the links to her auctions, but here is a completed listing for "The Indian Burial Ground," that sold for $56.00. Outstanding!

Trixie Belden Indian Burial Ground #38 Mystery

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Happy Selling!
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