Friday, June 5, 2009

Thrift Store Item to Sell on eBay - Bumbo Baby Seat

The Bumbo seat is an infant chair designed to support a baby's posture while helping the baby learn to sit upright. Moms of infants know about this seat, but at $40 retail, moms are looking to eBay for a better deal.

You can find this item at thrift stores and garage sales for less than $5. I have seen them at The Goodwill Store for $3. Selling price on eBay can be up to $30. The pink ones seem to sell for the most. Some eBay sellers are hesitant to sell baby gear, such as car seats, for safety issue. But, the Bumbo is made of a rubber material and is a one-piece unit. It is really easy to clean, pack, and ship.

Here are a few completed listings for the Bumbo seat in gently used or EUC condition.

EUC Bumbo Baby Seat PINK with tray and box - LOOK!


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Wishing you a successful day on eBay!

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